China Good quality API 6D Flanged RF Carbon Steel Dbb Plug Valve with Free Design Custom

Item Description

Product Description

Inverted Pressure Harmony Lubricated Plug Valve(X47)

Developed and Manufactured to API 6D, API599
Encounter to Face Dimension: ANSI B16.ten, DIN 3202, GB
Flanged Dimension: ANSI / ASME B16.5, EN 1092
Inspect and Take a look at: API 598
Measurement Ranges: NPS 1/2″~forty two”
Stress Score: PN10/16, ANSI125/150/three hundred/600/900/1500
Materials offered in Iron, Metal, Stainless Metal and Duplex, Seat Material in Each Resilient and Metallic Sort, Different trim components accessible to go well with various support problems
Fireplace-protected layout to API 608/API 6FD on request
To MSS SP 01-75 On request
Functions: Lever, Worm-equipment, Electric powered, Pneumatic and Hydra-pneumatic

DESGN & MFT. API 599 Finishes Link FLG. R.F
PRE-TEP. Score ANSI B16.34 Examine & Check API 598
F-F DIMENSION ANSI B16.10 Conclude Relationship ANSI B16.five
MARKING MSS SP-twenty five Fireplace Secure Design and style
PAITING TBA SPE. Specifications N.A


Main Part & Materials              
Part Names Part Materials
Human body WCB/A105 LCB/LF2 WC6/F22 CF8/F304 CF8M/F316 CF3/F304L CF3M/F316L
Bonnet WCB/A105 LCB/LF2 WC6/F22 CF8/F304 CF8M/F316 CF3/F304L CF3M/F316L
Plug  A105+ENP SS304 F22 SS304 SS316 SS304L SS316L
Seat/Seat Ring PTFE/PPL
Packing Graphite/PTFE/PPL
Gasket SS304+Graphite/SS304+Graphite
Bolts/Nuts B7/2H L7/4 B16/four B8/eight B8M/8M B8/8 B8M/8M
Suitable Medium W.O.G etc. HNO3, CH3OOH etc.
Suitable Temperature -29~180 °C

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China Good quality API 6D Flanged RF Carbon Steel Dbb Plug Valve     with Free Design Custom