China Standard Pneumatic Electric Manual Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve with Hot selling

Product Description

Pneumatic Electrical Handbook Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve

Pneumatic Electric Handbook Stainless Metal Sanitary butterfly valve is developed for aggressive chemical and ultra-pure programs. Fluorine lined resists chemical assault from most identified chemical compounds, and with a versatile liner layout employing a entire width, 360 diploma, resilient back again up liner gives bubble limited shut off in even the most demanding installations. Redundant shaft seals provide a limited, dependable seal to the environment. This is a “upkeep totally free” valve design and style which employs prolonged lifestyle sleeve bearings and avoids the use of an adjustable packing gland.
The valve shall be a 90 turn clockwise to close, non-jamming, resilient seated valve for zero leakage service. The valve shall be torque seated and made in this sort of a method that the disc can be rotated the seat CZPT the actuator. Also this valve enables the fluid ideal shut-off regardless of the flow course.
Fluorine lined butterfly valves are with major Characteristics as under:
Lockable Lever
Site maintenance
Ease of automation
Positive tight shut-off
Optional leading flanges to ISO 5211
Qualified for equally gaseous and liquid companies
Wide line of physique and trim supplies for a assortment of medium services.
ISO 5752, BS 5155, API 609, MSS-SP-68, ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5, DIN 3202
Materials: Forged Carbon Steel, Lower Temp. Carbon Steel, Satinless Steel, Alloy Steel, duplex metal and ect.
Temperature: -20 Deg. C to 150 Deg.C
Strain Scores: ANSI one hundred fifty#, PN10, PN16
Measurement Ranges: 2″ to 24″-50mm to 600mm (Bigger sizes on request)
Human body Lining: PTFE, FEP, PFA and and many others.
Finishes Connections: Wafer, Lugged, Double Flanged
Actuations: Manual, Pneumatic, Electrical, Hydraulic (Counterweight) & Electro-hydraulic


1. Concentrating on exporting, more than 80% goods are marketed around the world.
2. Provide Full Sets of Options for your numerous industrial needs.
three. Rigid & Traceable High quality Control Technique
four. Simplified & Effective Managing Method
five. Competitive Price & On-time Delivery, with Built-in Companies


Foundry (Castings and forgings)


High quality Control:

Packing and Shipment:


Valves serve a assortment of purposes in the industrial, engineering, production and scientific communities. Picking the proper valve can decide the good results or failure of the method or method.
The main objective of a valve is to manage media movement by way of a system. The valve could be employed to start, quit, or throttle the flow to make sure safe and efficient procedure of the method. Valves engage in a huge role in most industries.   With higher good quality and superb services, AFC TECH valves are commonly used Oil & gas sector, refinery & petrochemical industry, off shore, power generation, mining business, pulp and paper, water therapy and so forth.

Aftersales Services:

1. For each and every batch of items we produced, we’ll furnish MTC to display the items are 100% inspected & examined, and certified to use.

two. Full sets of elements and equipment in the AFC TECH of the technical drawing can be equipped, in scenario of any achievable restore or modify.

3. Even our items are created below rigid top quality control system, but nonetheless can not a hundred% stay away from surprising circumstances or top quality difficulties eternally, that is why we furnish a guarantee of eighteen months from cargo date, during this interval, we’ll just take obligation for the fix, adjust or return for free due to quality problems.



1.  Q: Are you a maker or a trading business?
     A: We are a manufacturing and advertising and marketing organization, market and trade integration. Our factories are responsible for manufacturing, we are working with all exporting company.  

2.  Q: Do you have any global certificates?
     A: Sure, our factories have CE and ISO and so forth. certificates.

3.Q: Do you have any export experience?

   A: Yes, we have been exported a whole lot throughout the world. Far more than eighty% of our goods are
       for exporting.

 4.Q: Do you have any high quality certificates?

   A: Of course, EN 15714 3.1 Material Certification will be supplied with each other with supply.        Certificate of Origin shall be provided on client’s request

 5. Q: Do you have any Non-damaging Take a look at?

    A: Indeed, we have upon the customer’s requests.

 6. Q: Can you manufacture valves with our brand name?

    A: Indeed, we can manufacture with our own model or OEM.

 7. Q: Do you have any promise?

    A: Yes, we warrant our items against flaws from faulty producing for 12   months from the initial day of installation, or inside 18 months soon after cargo, subject to whichever to be before.



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China Standard Pneumatic Electric Manual Stainless Steel Sanitary Butterfly Valve     with Hot selling