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Product Description

Manufactory and Investing Combo Ribbon Mixer Machine for Powder Mixing

PerMix PRB Ribbon Mixer consists of 1 electrical motor, 1 gearbox, and a shaft with double ribbons situated in a U-shaped vessel. The external & internal ribbons are designed in such a way that the powder materials are pushed to transfer from center to the 2 ends of vessel, and meanwhile from ends to the centre in addition to, the powder components are lifted up alongside the ribbon edges but then fall due to gravity. In this kind of a a few-dimensional way, the overall powder can be mixed rapidly in the vessel. It asks for a short mixing time and comparatively low electricity use.

The shaft is sealed with stuffing box with numerous PTFE packings (occasionally with a lantern ring for air purge) at both ends. Supplies are loaded from top facet, and a flush CZPT discharge valve is located at the base aspect in the heart. The discharge peak can be altered as for each prerequisite, so that materials receives discharged into the container beneath it CZPT floating dust.

OPTIONAL Characteristics:
– Ribbon (3 sorts accessible)
We provide diverse types of mixing ribbon for diverse applications. Normal ribbon is used to supply standard mixing objective, with center discharge Interrupted ribbon is utilized for viscous substance Steady ribbon is used for continuous operation with 1 facet feeding and the other side discharging.
– Design material
We are in a position to provide Ribbon Mixers with get in touch with portion to be built by Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless metal, Hastelloy, and so on. For CZPT supplies we provide hardened steel as the get in touch with part. Also we produce Ribbon Mixers all by stainless steel in get to fulfill the higher hygienic need.
– Travel program
Travel technique by geared motor, cycloidal reducer, worm reducer, belt or chain transmission, and so forth.
– Heating/Cooling jacket
Jacketed trough for heating/cooling procedure
– Spray nozzle
Liquid can be added into the powder by spray nozzles on the leading.
– Continuous operation
We can offer devices for steady perform when a big potential per hour is necessary for the very same materials.
– Customized feeding & discharging
A variety of feeding & discharging techniques can be chosen by the consumers. For feeding of resources, bag dump station can be mounted on the best of the U-shaped trough. Security grid can be installed to avert the attainable injuries to the worker. For discharge of the merchandise, handbook, pneumatic, or motorized operated valves can be selected according to the customers’ desire. They are geared up to match into any existing generation line very easily.
– Vacuum drying & deaerating
The mixer can be made for vacuum drying & deaerating for unique purposes.
– Prolonged peak bases
Height of our Ribbon Mixer can be described according to customer’s situation.
– External physique by bead blasted end
For entire stainless steel mixers, external components can be bead blasted.

– Foods
Baby Food, Cereals, Coffee, CZPT Sugar, Diet regime Foods, Filling Components, Flour Mixes, Frozen Vegetables, Fruit Mixes, Fruit Purees, Granola, Toddler Formula, Juice Powder, Seasonings, Soluble Cocoa Drinks, Starch, Sugars, Tea Mixes
– Diet
Enzymes, Lecithin Powder, Mineral Substances, Nutrition Health supplements, Protein, Sporting activities Diet, Vitamin Mixes, Whey Powder
– Cosmetics
Coloring Powder, Dispersing Agent, Kaolin Clay, Mask Powder, Mica Flour, Area Lively Agent, Talcum Powder, Titanium Dioxide
– Chemical substances
Adhesives, Carbon Black, Dyestuff, Electrode Mass, Fly Ashes, Fungicides, Peat Moss Mixes, Pesticides, Prescribed drugs, Pigments, Plastic Additives, Resins, Sound Lubricants
– Developing Resources
Brick Facings, Dry Mortar Mixes, Flooring Supplies, Gypsum, Street CZPT Supplies, Wall Plasters

Specifications of Ribbon Mixer:

Model Complete capacity
Useful ability
Electrical power (*)
Outlet (**)
PRB-100 100 40-60 2.two eighty 1,250 840 613 80×80 250
PRB-three hundred 300 one hundred twenty-180 4 72 1,630 1,005 one,015 250×80 600
PRB-500 500 two hundred-three hundred 5.5 sixty five 2,030 1,a hundred seventy five 1,one hundred forty 360×120 850
PRB-one thousand 1,000 four hundred-600 eleven 50 2,460 1,455 1,375 360×120 1,300
PRB-2000 2,000 800-1,200 18.5 38 three,050 1,710 1,545 360×120 two,three hundred
PRB-3000 three,000 1,200-1,800 22 35 three,500 one,865 1,680 360×120 3,300
PRB-4000 4,000 1,600-2,four hundred 22 35 three,870 1,985 1,821 500×120 three,600
PRB-5000 five,000 two,000-3,000 30 thirty four,090 2,062 one,945 500×120 four,620
PRB-6000 six,000 two,four hundred-3,600 37 27 four,250 one,802 two,380 500×120 5,300
PRB-8000 eight,000 3,two hundred-4,800 forty five 24 four,590 one,956 2,504 700×120 six,800
PRB-10000 10,000 4,000-6,000 fifty five 24 five,050 2,016 two,800 700×140 8,900
PRB-12000 12,000 4,800-7,200 55 twenty 5,five hundred two,one hundred sixty 2,753 700×140 9,520
PRB-15000 fifteen,000 six,000-9,000 seventy five 20 five,900 2,a hundred and seventy 2,910 700×140 nine,950
PRB-20000 20,000 8,000-twelve,000 ninety seventeen 7,a hundred and eighty 2,690 two,830 700×140 thirteen,500
PRB-25000 twenty five,000 ten,000-15,000 one hundred ten twelve 7,990 two,730 3,one hundred 700×140 seventeen,500
PRB-30000 thirty,000 12,000-18,000 132 12 8,450 two,860 3,300 700×140 19,500

1. (*) (**): Modifications are accessible according to the customer’s request.
two. All specs and illustrations are as accurate as is reasonably attainable, but they are not binding.
three. PerMix reserves the proper to modify the design and style CZPT discover.

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Q: What is your price amount when compared with European suppliers and local Chinese suppliers?
A: Depending on the equipment variety and dimensions, our price level is 30%-60% much less than the European suppliers and 5-fifteen% greater than the big regional suppliers.

Q: Are you capable to supply tailor-produced layout and generation for the mixers?
A: Yes, in reality more than 50 percent of our mixers are tailor manufactured, which is 1 of our sturdy factors.

Q: Are you able to layout and create other processing equipment?
A: We are open up to go over about it.

Q: Can you supply machines to OEM clients, which means to label their brand names on the equipment.
A: Indeed we are performing it a good deal. We have many OEM companions in the Usa.

Q: Do you have agent community out of China?
A: Yes we do have brokers but only in some international locations, for instance in United states of america, Germany, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Argentina, and so forth. We are even now looking for more agents due to the fact we imagine to operate with agents is the greatest way to do business.

Q: What is your delivery guide time of the mixing products.
A: Dependent on the size and degree of customization, but normally it is from 6-fourteen months.

Q: How do you pack and ship the mixing equipment?
A: For devices will not call for complete container loading, we will pack them in wood scenario. For FCL (complete container loading) shipment, we will just wrap the machines in plastic movies and fix them in the container. The shipment can be both by air or by sea.

Racks are employed to transform rotary motion into linear motion. The spur teeth of the rack minimize into 1 confront of the sq. or round rod area and operate with the pinion, which is a tiny cylindrical equipment that meshes with the rack. Normally, racks and pinions are collectively referred to as “rack and pinion”.
The tooth floor hardness, it is divided into gentle tooth surface area equipment transmission and difficult tooth surface equipment transmission. When the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels (or one particular of them) is considerably less than or equal to 350HBW, it is called gentle tooth surface area transmission when the tooth floor hardness of the two wheels is >350HBW, it is named difficult tooth surface transmission. Comfortable-tooth surface equipment transmission is typically utilised for standard lower-velocity equipment transmission that does not need higher precision, and tough-toothed surface gear transmission is usually employed for gear transmission that calls for powerful bearing potential and compact composition.

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