China OEM API 6D Cast Steel Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve with Gear with Best Sales

Item Description

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve

Two Pieces/3 Pieces Forged Metal Body Ball Valve
Full Bore & Lowered Bore
Anti-static Unit
Blow-out Proof Stem
Hearth Risk-free Layout
Emergency Sealant Injector
Vent Valve, Drain Valve
Lifting lugs and supporting feets(8″ & greater)
Optional Lockable Take care of Lever Equipment Box, Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic

Design and style
: ASME B16.34/API 6D
Experience to Face: ASME B16.10
Finish Flange: ASME B 16.5
BW Conclude: ASME B16.25
Examination: API 598
Hearth Safe Examination: API 607/API6FA
Special: NACE MR-01-75

Human body:
Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Lower temperature carbon steel, Duplex, Unique Alloys, …Other resources underneath request

Delicate SEATS: PTFE, RPTFE, PEEK, DEVLON, NYLON, …Other resources below request

Metallic SEAT: Tungsten Carbide(TC), Stellited, Ni60…Other resources under ask for.

TRIM: A105+EP, 304, 316, 410, MONEL, …Other resources under ask for

Double block and bleed layout(DBB)
Double stem sealing.
The ball can maintain strain sealing of CZPT when it is shut or fully opened.
Shorter higher sleeve reducces bearing load and procedure torue
Limit gadget guarantees the correct opening and closing place of the valve
The vall and stem are separated so as to decrease stem load.
The stem adopts anti-blow-out layout.
The sealing surface area is inserted into te metal seat by CZPT or plastic
The metalbacked self-lubricating PTFE bearing and PTFE thrust washers
Minimize the opening torque and prolong the support lifestyle of the valve.
Stem leakage can be prevented through the crisis grease fitting.

Electrical power plant




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NO. Element Materials
one Physique ASTM A216-WCB  A352-LCB  A351-CF8,CF8MK,CF3,CF3M,Duplex
two Seat Spring Inconel X-7505  SS304  SS316
3 Seat Ring ASTM A105+ENP  A182-F304,F316,F316L,F6,F51
5 Ball ASTM A105+ENP  A182-F304,F316,F316L,F6,F51
6 Crucial 1045  A182-F304,F316,F316L,F304L
seven Sliding Bearing Stainless Steel+PTFE  SS316+PTFE
eight Thrust Washer PTFE
9 O-ring NBR Vtion
10 Stud ASTM 193-B7,B7M,B8,B8M
11 Nut ASTM 194-2H,2HM,8,8M
12 Yoke A216-WCB
13 Gland Flange A216-WCB A3541-CF8
14 Stem A105+ENP  A182-F6,F304,F316,F316L,F304L,17-4PH,F51
fifteen Packing PTFE Graphite
sixteen Screw ASTM A193-B7,B8
17 Stem Injection 1571+ZN  A182-F304,F316,F316L
18 Seat Injection 1571+ZN  A182-F304,F316,F316L
19 Vent Valve 1571+ZN  A182-F304,F316,F316L
20 Antistatic Spring Stainless Steel SS316
21 Bonnet A216-WCB A352-LCB A351-CF8,CF8M,CF3,CF3M,Duplex
22 Body Gasket PTFE SS304+Graphite  SS316+Graphite 
23 Trunnion A105+ENP  A182-F6,F304,F316,F316L,F304L,seventeen-4PH,F51
24 Bottom Cover ASTM A105+ENP  A182-F304,F316,F316L
25 Lower Gasket PTFE
26 Drain Valve 1571+ZN  A182-F304,F316,F316L
27 Seat Sealing Graphite
28 Gand Gasket SS304+Graphite
29 Bottom Cover Gasket SS304+Graphite

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China OEM API 6D Cast Steel Flanged Trunnion Ball Valve with Gear     with Best Sales