China high quality High Speed Mixer Powder Granulating Machine for Food with Free Design Custom

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Higher Pace Mixer Powder Granulating Machine for Foods

The PerMix PDI collection High Speed Mixer is an productive and versatile blending device for mixing of dry powders, or granulating with the addition of liquid binder, inside of a quite quick time and with outstanding cleansing capabilities. It is in a position to give best end result for mixing owing to the innovative design and style of a central Impeller type mixer with a facet vertical Chopper.

The confirmed mixing motion of the PerMix PDI collection Substantial Velocity Mixer assures effective mixing in might apps. Optimum performance is assures with dedicated patterns of CZPT feeding, discharging and installation.

Basic Building:
The PerMix PDI sequence Higher Speed Mixer is made up of 2 electrical motors, 1 reduction gear, coupling, and shafts with the 2 agitators. The shaft is sealed with particular sealing, at times with air purge, in a way that there is limited get in touch with between the substance and the seal. Components are loaded from leading aspect, and the discharge is found at the base side. Due to the consistent modular layout, the method can be configured independently and simply tailored to the constructional conditions and specific demands.

HOW IT Functions:
In a PerMix PDI series High Pace Mixer, the powders are set in a multidimensional shear stream condition and it wants only brief mixing time until finally they are extensively blended.

In circumstance that granulation is necessary, the spraying program sprays the binder answer into the bowl to agglutinate with the supplies and below the merged action of the impeller and chopper, uniform and porous granules are produced. Soon after ending the mixing or granulation procedure, powders/granules are discharged by way of the facet discharge with no “lifeless zone” valve.

Attributes & Alternatives:
– Impellers Design and style
Y-shaped rotor blade with specific aerodynamic profile – this important element with the different solution-optimized chopper patterns are the consequence of a lot of years of profitable advancement.

– Development Materials & End
We are able to offer you our PDI Mixers with make contact with part to be created in SS304, S316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, Hastelloy, and many others. Normal of inside and external end can be adapted to the customer’s needs. For CZPT materials we provide hardened Stainless Steel as the contact part.

– Feeding & Discharging
A range of feeding & discharging methods can be picked by the buyers.

– Push Program
Drive method by geared motor, cycloidal reducer, worm reducer, belt or chain transmission, etc.

– Heating/Cooling Jacket
Jacketed trough for heating/cooling operation

– Vacuum Drying & Deaerating
The PDI mixer can be designed for vacuum drying & deaerating or for inner pressure doing work for specific apps.

– Spray Nozzle
Liquid can be additional into the powder by spray nozzles on the top.

– Mixer Lid with Counter-bodyweight
PerMix PDI Mixer is geared up with a protect with counter-bodyweight for simple opening and closing to preserve labors.

Some standard applications of a PerMix PDI series Large Speed Mixer consists of but not constrained to:

– Food business
Batters, Doughs for pastries, Flavours, Quick foods, Spice and herb mixtures, Sugar based mostly confectionery tablets

– Chemical business
Coloring of plastics, Master batches, Powder mixing with liquid addition, Powder paints

– CZPT industry
Granulate mixtures, Powder mixtures, Wet granulations

– CZPT industry
Ceramic dental mixtures, Eye shadows, Encounter powders


Product Total Volume, [Liter] Procedure Volume, [Liter] Impeller Energy, [kW] Impeller Pace, [rpm] Chopper Electricity, [kW] Chopper Velocity, [rpm]
PDI-10 ten six two.2 three hundred one.1 one,five hundred
PDI-fifty fifty thirty four 250 1.1 1,five hundred
PDI-one hundred 100 60 5.5 250 one.five one,five hundred
PDI-two hundred 200 a hundred and twenty seven.5 220 three one,five hundred
PDI-300 300 a hundred and eighty eleven 220 4 one,five hundred
PDI-four hundred four hundred 240 eighteen.5 200 5.5 one,500
PDI-600 600 360 22 two hundred five.5 1,five hundred

one. All specs are as accurate as is reasonably feasible, but they are not binding.
2. Custom-made sizes are accessible in opposition to ask for.
three. PerMix reserves the appropriate to modify the design CZPT notice.

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Q: What is your value level in comparison with European suppliers and neighborhood Chinese suppliers?
A: Relying on the machine type and dimension, our price tag amount is 30%-60% significantly less than the European suppliers and 5-15% greater than the large neighborhood suppliers.

Q: Are you capable to supply tailor-produced design and style and generation for the mixers?
A: Of course, in simple fact far more than fifty percent of our mixers are tailor manufactured, which is 1 of our sturdy factors.

Q: Are you in a position to design and generate other processing products?
A: We are open up to discuss about it.

Q: Can you supply machines to OEM consumers, that means to label their makes on the devices.
A: Yes we are undertaking it a great deal. We have several OEM partners in the United states.

Q: Do you have agent community out of China?
A: Of course we do have agents but only in some nations around the world, for instance in United states of america, Germany, Poland, Spain, Denmark, Turkey, Argentina, and so forth. We are nevertheless seeking for more agents simply because we believe to operate with brokers is the ideal way to do company.

Q: What is your shipping and delivery direct time of the mixing gear.
A: Based on the dimensions and stage of customization, but usually it is from 6-fourteen months.

Q: How do you pack and ship the mixing equipment?
A: For devices never demand total container loading, we will pack them in wooden scenario. For FCL (full container loading) cargo, we will just wrap the equipment in plastic movies and fix them in the container. The shipment can be both by air or by sea

Gears are used in a huge amount of mechanical products. Most importantly, they supply equipment reduction for motorized tools. This is essential since usually small motors that spin very quick can supply ample power to the system, but not adequate torque, the pressure that leads to an item to spin or twist on an axis. For illustration, an electrical screwdriver has a really huge equipment reduction (minimizes the speed of a rotating device (like an electric motor)) due to the fact it demands a lot of torque to switch the screw. But the motor produces only a small sum of torque at higher speeds. With equipment reduction, the output velocity can be decreased while rising the torque.
EP implements rigid quality handle throughout the producing cycle. Extensive engineering expertise enables us to offer additional style critiques and/or benefit engineering solutions to achieve production performance ambitions. An on-web site class 10000 cleanroom is utilized for screening, assembly, and packaging. EP and buyer approved casting, heat dealing with, plating, and portray facilities. We can machine a variety of supplies including aluminum, brass, bronze, steel alloys, stainless metal, and titanium.

China high quality High Speed Mixer Powder Granulating Machine for Food     with Free Design Custom